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NaNoWriMo 2010

Posted on: November 1, 2010

It’s the night before NaNo, and here in my house

I sit at my keyboard and click with my mouse

Sucked into youtube watching videos there

Which I’m sure is the best way I could ever prepare

The ideas are fighting for space in my mind

But they all parody songs, and are not plot-entwined

I have yet to write the end on last year’s book

All the prework I’ve done hasn’t gotten a second look

In the next thirty days, I’ll write more than in the last year

If I can just stop watching the vlogbrothers and make my muse reappear

It’s now 10:36 and she’s meandered outside of my head

I hope she returns and kicks out the editor instead

I’ve finished my spreadsheet and I’ve bought lots of candy

I’ve thought about plot and character modus operandi

My NaNo profile’s updated and the forums are exploding

But still I’m filled with dread and forboding

I want to go upload my photos from Halloween

Oh yes, procrastinators, I am your queen

And now, it’s almost time – I have to finish this now

And jump into the madness and hope for some wow

One thousand six hundred sixty seven words a day

It’s time for Lani’s chant – I AM A GREAT WRITER! YAY!

(My apologies to Clement Clark Moore…)

Also, if you follow the spreadsheet link, you will find my customized version of a spreadsheet that was created by Erik Benson, DK Wilson, and Jesso.  If you’ve ever wished that a random writing inspiration quote would appear every time you open your tracking spreadsheet, and that there was a way to track what location you write best at, as well as candy-like button navigation and multiple colorful graphs, you are in luck! (If you are using Office 2003, mostly)  Check out the screenshot below 🙂


1 Response to "NaNoWriMo 2010"

You do owe an apology to Moore, don’t you? Still, I liked your poem. I briefly considered doing NANO this year but I’m not ready to write a novel — not yet.

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