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Garden Time!

Posted on: March 24, 2010

So, it is finally warm enough (on some days) to work outside, and I have been rebuilding my square foot garden in a new shape this year.  I will have slightly less area, but hopefully the new wider path around the garden will keep my corner plants from being decapitated, and the three foot width (instead of four foot) will help my assistants reach the plants better.  Also, I went with a crazy comb shape, just because I liked the idea 🙂

So, a few weeks ago I ordered a ton of heirloom vegetable seeds from Baker Creek, and started some inside my empty aquarium.  This is the first time I have done that, and it is going pretty well.  I have made a few mistakes – the lights were initially too high, and then I did not have enough air flow – but so far the process seems forgiving.  I seem to catch the mistakes fairly quickly, and with the help of Google I can usually find a solution.  Also, I found a completely amazing site for tracking my garden progress – MyFolia.  You can list all the seeds you buy, track when and where you plant them, and track each type’s progress.  I am shari13 there, as I am in so many places. Oh! You can also upload photos there, of your garden as well as the individual plants, plus there are discussion forums and an exchange program.  Seriously, if you garden, check it out.  I have a free account, which is plenty for me right now. Someday, I may check out the pay version, because there seem to be some neat things there, too.

The 750 word challenge has definitely suffered due to the change in the weather, but I am still writing some.  The book is now at 93,300 words, and I am starting to enjoy writing the story again. Now, I am off to bed, because tomorrow will be another work day – hopefully, my nephew, niece and I will finish building the new garden bed and get it ready for planting.


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