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Winner NaNoWriMo!

Posted on: December 1, 2009

It’s official, I won at NaNoWriMo!  My official word count is 50,023, for a total word count on the current novel of 59,862.  It’s even a linear story for a change 😉  Now, I just have to finish writing it, so I’ve joined NaNoFiMo, which has a general goal of adding 30,000 words.  I intent to write until I can type “The End” and mean it, wherever that falls, but there are plenty of plot holes and things that need resolved yet in my story – for instance, the first scene is a group of bridesmaids trying on dresses, and I still have not written the wedding.  So, plenty yet to do, especially since the wedding is not the central storyline…

And I am just so proud of myself for finally figuring out how to upload images to wordpress, instead of having to post them by email (shut up, I am a book nerd who likes computers, I never said I was a technical wizard…) Now, I am going to go customize the crap out of the NaNoFiMo spreadsheet.  Because I am that kind of nerd, too.

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2 Responses to "Winner NaNoWriMo!"

Congratulations, Shari.

Maybe next year I’ll give it a try. This year I haven’t written 50K all year long. Well, maybe I have with political stuff, but not even close with my fiction. I have been stuck with a concept problem for a long time.

I envy you being a fast reader. I read very slowly and spend a lot of time reading for research on my serious posts.


Thanks, Derby. NaNo is a blast, and I highly recommend it. It’s a really fun way to start writing fiction, and to get past the roadblocks that are in your way.

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