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Thirteen Things I Am Thankful For

Posted on: November 26, 2009

1. My Family.
We are an eccentric collection, by and large. I have step family, half siblings, adopted siblings… and it all just is family to me. And, as a bonus, the vast majority of my family understands that I am really, really slow at processing the pictures I take, and they love me anyway.
2. My Friends.
My friends absolutely rock. I could not be the person I am, nor pursue the dreams I do, without my friends.
“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” – Anais Nin
3. Facebook (and the Internet in General).
Yeah, I know it’s trendy, but I don’t really care – I have found some old friends on here and have really enjoyed catching up with them, as well as being able to keep up with my family. We saw pictures of my newest nephew about two hours after he was born, and that was pretty cool. And a special thank you to everyone who reads my blog, too. I found a new painter last night, and just love his work – check out “Friends” by Leonid Afremov in the thumbnails below (someday, I will learn how to make changes to where the pictures are in the posts…)
4. NaNoWriMo.
Oh, sure, my mom likes to wish it had been scheduled in a different month because of Thanksgiving, but overall people have been extremely supportive, and I am having a great time writing this month. I am grateful for my muse, and everyone who has helped inspire me, and especially for Amy, who reads the mess of words that I have written each week and still looks forward to more 🙂 I have even surprised myself with my ability to make things up without conscious planning. Since I am at 36,467 words, I am even hopeful of making my 50,000 word goal. I may even end up with a whole story!
5. Books.
Anyone who has met me is aware that I am a book nut. I built a custom bookcase when we moved to the new house, and may have to build another one soon. Plus, loving books has led me to some awesome people and communities – Smart Bitches, Trashy Books; Jennifer Crusie and the Cherries; Lani Diane Rich / Lucy March, Samantha Graves / CJ Berry, their podcast, and the Wiffers; Joshilyn Jackson; Alesia Holliday / Alyssa Day and so many more.
6. My Basement.
Okay, I talk a lot about my very amazing bathroom, but really, my whole suite is amazing. I have about 600 square feet of open space that I have customized the heck out of. I have a huge walk in closet filled with shelves, where the photo boxes and art supplies dominate the space. My bathroom, with its jet tub and two headed walk in shower, is one of my favorite retreats. The rest is a L shaped open area, with my bedroom, library, desk, and entertainment enter. It is great!
7. My Kitten.
We have three cats, and they are all great, but Cleopatra holds a special place in my heart. She is a purry happy fluffball, even when she is misbehaving.
8. Square Foot Gardening.
I had an absolutely amazing garden this year, despite setbacks, moving, remodeling, and plant weirdness. I learned a lot from my big garden, and will be doing an even better one next year.
9. Cameras.
Sure, I am frustrated with my Canon Rebel XT currently, and seriously considering a move back to Nikon, but I have taken some great pictures this year. Someday, I may even manage to catch up on my processing. I still adore having a pocket camera, and the Olympus FE-280 is everything I had hoped it would be when I bought it.
10. My Cell Phone.
I have an LG Incite, and I love that I can write wherever inspiration strikes, look at my database of books and movies while I am shopping,send text messages take pictures, record video, and surf online whenever I want. I even occasionally use it as a phone.
11. Hope.
This has really been a big year, and a lot of things are looking up. i still get discouraged sometimes, but overall I am much happier and more hopeful for the future than I have been in years.

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