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Thirteen Things I Learned in October

Posted on: November 1, 2009

1.  You can make a rope out of braided human hair and use it to descend a wall.

From Mythbusters. I’ve loved this show since my first viewing.  I think it should be used to teach kids about science.  It occasionally makes me sad that I didn’t study more science in school. I was thrilled to see them tackle a fairy tale myth – although they have no plans of ever testing the Princess and the Pea myth.

2.  A nineteen hour train ride can be relaxing.

From Chicago to Schenectady, and I spent the majority of the time sleeping.  The ride back was not as smooth, though.

3.  The view from the top of the Empire State Building is overwhelming.

It’s beautiful, and amazing, and way too much to take in quickly.  And they sell really cool souvenir maps.

4.  I still make lists that I cannot possibly finish all the tasks on.

And it’s not just one list, there are sub-sections to each one, and I seem to think if I just make enough lists I will accomplish more.

5.  I remember how to tie double loop figure eights, water knots, and butterfly knots.

I guess I finally have tied them enough to remember them between bouts of confined space rescue recertification classes.

6.  I still have a lot to learn about Excel.

I am redoing a spreadsheet for work, and there is a lot of VBA code in it.  I know next to nothing about VBA, so it’s a real crash education.  Also, I can write two perfect columns of formulas, and then mess up the third so bad I cannot figure out how to fix it or where I went wrong.  I am hoping walking away for a while, and then coming back will help me find the error(s).

7.  Without a daily goal, I don’t write.

Sure, it’s been a crazy month, with niece and nephew sporting events, camera problems, trips to New York, and double ear infections; still, the only way my story will ever get finished is if I work on it.

8.  Music and Lyrics is a cute romantic comedy.

I like Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore, and they both sing much better than I expected.

9.  The writing book I bought to help me frame my fairy tale intimidates me.

I found a book about writing a structered novel in thirty days, and realized I have no idea how to fill in most of the blanks that are supposed to help you plot out your novel.  It seemed like a good idea… and maybe some time, I will be able to use it.  Maybe not.

10. Facebook can be addicting even if you don’t play the games.

I installed Facebook mobile, which is nice, but only allows me to see the most recent comment made.  I’ve blocked the Farmville and Farkle updates off of my regular update page too.

11.  Save the Cat! by Blake Snyder is a very interesting screenwriting guide.

I’m not a screenwriter atthis point, but I kept hearing that this book is a great writing reference for all writers, and so far I agree.  The title does not seem to reference the contraversial scene in Alien, however.

12. I stll don’t enjoywatching Oprah.

Duff Goldman of Ace of Cakes was on, and I just caught the end of his segment and a few minutes more.  I had absolutely no urge to finish watching the show.

13.  Silver bullets are less accurate than standard lead bullets.

It’s about the rifling as they travel through the gun.  Lead is much softer, and spins in the barrell faster.  I learned that on a program about werewolf hunting.


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