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Posted on: September 24, 2009

And a great relief it is to be writing on my actual story again.  I know it’s important to just keep writing, and to give yourself permission to write complete and utter crap.  It can be hard in practice, and the inner negative monologue can get very overwhelming.  Sometimes when I cannot get through the window of my manuscruipt, I write about that, and why I want to write.  It feels like a cheat, but I know that is just my inner perfectionist whispering that I cannot make my goal without cheating,a nd I should just quit.  I have quit, a thousand times, and a thousand and one I have slogged back in.  Inspiration is wonderful, but if I spend all my time waiitng for inspiration then that is all I will accomplish – waiting.  Be the writer in the chair.

Unleash Your Story Write-a-thon word count so far: 13107 / 60000

Your Backyard Herb Garden: A Gardener’s Guide to Growing Over 50 Herbs Plus How to Use Them in Cooking by Miranda Smith

This book is an introduction to growing and using your own herbs.  It is a visually appealing book, and well laid out.  However, there was some information that may have been incorrect – it is my understanding that you never use any essential oils on cats because they can be toxic.  Also, there were only a few suggestions for each classification of usage (recipes, potpourri, etc.) Overall, I was a disappointed in this book.

Wish You Were Here by Lani Diane Rich

Freya Daily has never lost a deal in her life, and just because her eyes have some weird condition that makes them leak at inappropriate times is no excuse for not making this deal work.  After all, her father is counting on her, and it is the last deal she needs to make before she can take over the company, which is what she’s spent her whole life training and working for. So what if she has no idea why her father wants is so bad he’s willing to pay four times the value for it?

Nate Brody is a five star chef with his own restaurant, so why is he still at this campground in the middle of nowhere?  His father died, and asked Nate to find a mysterious item as his last request.  Nate’s father would have been the first person to blow off an inconvenient responsibility, and Nate can’t make himself walk away without feeling like a failure.  Besides, his ten year old daughter Piper loves the campground, and his father’s girlfriend wants to keep them as family. Nate would love to sell the campground to Freya for two million dollars, but cannot bring himself to act like his father and walk away from the mystery.

I really enjoyed all of these characters, and the way they each resolve their issues.  Neither Freya nor Nate was looking to make big life changes, let alone fall in love; however author Lani Diane Rich manages to put them in situations that seem to lead smoothly to both big changes and love.

Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

This is an ensemble cast, and a richa nd complicated plot.  I apologize if this review is consequently a bit incoherent.  Newt Pulsifer loves technology, but it doesn’t love him, so he’s supplementing his income by working for the Witchfinder’s Army.  Anathema Device is a witch and a professional descendant – her ancestress Agnes Nutter wrote the only completely accurate set of prophecies, and the world is going to end on Thursday. AJ Crowley loves people, and the planet – even though he’s a demon, and supposed to be helping bring on Armageddon.  Aziriphale is an angel who also loves earth just the way it already is – including his best friend Crowley.  But the Antichrist is supposed to rise, and the four horsemen of the Apocalypse are riding out – so what can these four people do to avert the end of the world?  Eleven year old Adam Young is the Antichrist, but due to a mixup at the hospital all heaven and hell’s efforts have been wasted on another child.  With no celestial programming to guide him, what will the Antichrist do?

This book is hilarious, packed with references to Revelations, angels and demons gone native, a hellhound that discovers all he really wants is to be a good mutt and chase cats, lost continents resurfacing, and Tibetan tunnels.  The main characters cross paths, and keep the world from changing – even though all of heaven and hell are doing their best to start the final battle.

Unleash Your Story Read-a-thon page count so far: 8148 / 10000


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