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Posted on: September 8, 2009

As implied in the title, I actually did some writing this time, yay!  And on my work in progress, tentatively titled “Wishing”.  At the beginning of Unleash Your Story, I had 4489 words written, none of which count for the marathon.  I’ve only done a little bit of writing up to this point (about 500 words total). However, tonight I jumped back in, and wrote 1318 words in about an hour.  Now it’s a new day, so I’m taking a midnight snack and updatie the blog break before I dive back in.  I think the next book I will read (re-read, actually) is Nerd in Shining Armor, by Vicki Lewis Thompson.  I’m also writing a romance with a beta male, and hers was one of the first to really strike me. I’m confident I will easily make my reading goal, but my tracking spreadsheet tells me that at my current rate, I’ll reach 60.000 words on March 26, 2010.  Guess I’m going to have to step up that pace a lot!

Unleash Your Story Write-a-thon word count so far: 2301 / 60000

Books I’ve Finished:

Dangerous by Amanda Quick

One good Quick deserves another 🙂  This is another Regency romance, and structurally very similar to Scandal (as well as many of Ms. Quick’s other Regencies.)  Still, it is the nuances that make each story stand on its own, and I really enjoy that her heroines are nerdy (or, in Regency terms, Amusing Eccentric Bluestockings…)  Prudence and Sebastian are both investigators; Prue openly investigates spectral phenomena, and Sebastian secretly works with a Bow Street Runner to solve any crime that can distract him from his emptiness.  These two charcters are more together, which is an element I look for in a good romance.

Within the Fairy Castle:  Colleen Moore’s Doll House at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago by Terri Ann R Neff

I really wanted to love this book.  Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle has fascinated me for as long as I can remember, combining many things I love in an amazing whole.  When I go to the Museum of Science and Industry, I never feel like I have enough time to study the details in the castle.  On my last trip to the Museum, I bought this book.  It is a larger format book, combining photographs of whole rooms with pictures of individual items and mentioning many of the details in each room.  It also gives a brief biography of Colleen Moore, and includes the text from many of the one of a kind miniature books Ms. Moore asked famous authors and politicians to contribute to.  All of this is good, and what I expected from the text.  However, there were other things about the book that disappointed me.  Despite the large format of the pages, the photographs of the individual items are small on the page.  Each page is approximately 9.5 inches by 11.75 inches, and the full plate pictures are beautiful and significant.  On an item detail page, however, there are approximately six images, each taking up about two inches, and many very tiny – even smaller than in real life.  Miniature books are printed at about 1/2 inch tall; the actual book is only one inch tall.  Surely they could have printed it at least one inch tall?  Many of the items are significantly larger in person, but are reproduced very small, making it difficult for me to see details in the pieces.  Frankly, this book makes me want to get my camera and be the one to photograph the Fairy Castle.  I’m sure it has been photographed many times, and there may be better photos of the individual pieces; I wish I had those pictures to reference when I can’t go see the Castle in person.  Also, my last visit to the Museum found many of the exhibits showing a lot of wear and tear; sadly, the Castle is also showing signs of age.  The audio tour does not match the rooms as displayed, and a few places are worn or dusty.

Agnes and the Hitman by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer

This is the second collaboration between Jenny and Bob, and one of my all time favorite books.  Cranky Agnes is a food writer on the verge of fulfilling all of her dreams – she’s engaged to a wonderful cook who is coauthoring a cookbook with her, she has just bought the house she’s loved as much and as long as she has the family who owned it, and her goddaughter is getting married in a few days.  Then someone breaks in, threatens her and her dog, and falls to his death in a basement she didn’t know existed.

Shane has been working for the government as a hitman for years, mostly overseas.  Now, he’s got a target in Savannah, he’s being considered for promotion to the top of his organization, and he’s left his family and Keyes, South Carolina far behind – until his Uncle Joey calls and asks him to come protect Little Agnes.  The Mob, the local police, crazed family members, Agnes, and Shane all come in conflict – and in the end, both Shane and Agnes learn a lot about family, love, and being true to yourself.

Unleash Your Story Read-a-thon page count so far: 2371 / 10000


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