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Well, it’s that time again. My favorite time of the year. I’ve been itching to write this story all year, waiting for this moment to start. Naturally, that’s when everything goes wrong.


Here’s the short description I put up on the NaNo site: 

It’s hard to be the only ‘ordinary human’ in a village full of supernatural creatures. Sure, they come to you when they need patched up, but guess whose girlfriend keeps getting kidnapped and used as leverage to make you do mad scientist type things? That’s right, yours. Sure, she’s a banshee, but it would still be nice to be able to do something the next time some paranormal bully tries to push you around. And you do love chemistry….

I am in love with the idea. The characters have existed in the two previous books, and I totally understand why Marty (the main character, and one speaking above) feels like things need to change. I just don’t know quite where to start. Sure, I have heard excellent general advise – “Start on the day things change”; “Begin when the trouble begins” and so on. But one of the disadvantages of being a pantser is that all I have are vague ideas of what happens.

So, being me, I go searching for inspiration. Everyone who writes should listen to the StoryWonk Podcasts. Lani Diane Rich was the first person to get a NaNo novel published. She is an amazing writer, and a brilliant instructor. She is joined by Alastair Stephens, another passionate writer with a flair for teaching – and a lovely Scottish accent.From their website: “StoryWonk is the brainchild of Lani Diane Rich and Alastair Stephens; it’s a place for people who are passionate about writing and storytelling to improve their understanding of the craft, share their inspiration and fuel their passion.”

They led me to the ZeFrank video, “An Invocation for Beginnings” – which is awesome. I may need to watch that once every day. Especially in November.

I have 686 words. They aren’t eloquent. I have not found the thread that will drag me into the story yet. But I am holding onto those words, and I will haul my story out one word at a time. Soon, I will be excited about it. Soon, I will enjoy the process. But if I do not persevere, I will never have the chance to feel that particular elation that comes of telling a story to myself.

Okay, it’s been about another hour, and I have made it to 2014 words for the day. Thank goodness for the EVal Chat room!

I am a great writer, and I am going to write the hell out of this story.





Body Love

It’s almost November, and time to launch into a new novel writing adventure! This year, I plan on attending some of the regional events found on the NaNo forums, and look forward to meeting other writers.



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